Oct 08 2010
Changing Lives One Arrest at a Time

Not sure how to share Air1 or Christ with others. Maybe try the workplace like Nellie from California . . .

“I work as a police officer in California in the Inland Empire. I support & listen to Air1 regularly. I listen to Air1 even when I am at work in my patrol car. I have been able to share Jesus' story of forgiveness & salvation with everyone I arrest through your station. It has even brought salvation and changed lives to several people I've arrested, including an 18 year old prostitute who was so lost & alone, and several drug users. I can't thank you enough for the ministry Air1 provides; especially all the conversations I am able to begin with others through your music!”

Help Nellie to keep helping those that need Christ most by keeping Air1 on the air. You don’t have to be protecting our streets to be saving lives for Christ. If you let him; God can and will use YOU to reach others for him with just a $1 a day.


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