Oct 08 2010
A Marriage Changed

God uses countless things in our lives to get the lost back to Him. He uses other people, church, life events, and even music! Check out how Air1 changed the marriage of Adwyna and brought her husband to church and back to Him. God is good!

About 8 months ago, I felt god really calling me to forgive my husband and work on my Marriage. My husband and I where separated for about nine months, and I was ready for Divorce. I got me and our little Girl involved with my church more, I really started to put god into the center of our life again. My husband wasn't a huge believer himself, but i was determined to Show God's amazing love through me. I found this station, and thought what better way to let god speak to my husband. Then by using the one thing he loves "Music!" I put air one on every night when we went to sleep, and when we were in the car together. Slowly I could hear him humming a Familiar song here or there, Him wondering what song it was? My husband attends church every week with us now, He has been baptized & he listens to air one all the time. God is truly amazing. Today we decided to make our monthly contribution to Air1, it’s not much, but coming from him, it's huge! Thank you to everyone who keeps air 1 here, So that we may be reminded of God's amazing Love & may God Bless everyone who listens...

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10/8/2010 7:32:29 PM
Sophia P. United States
Sophia P.
Yesterday I picked up my 4th grader from school and he burst into tears once he got in our car. He later told me he was being bullied. He is a little overweight. I felt awful...we were listening to air1 and it was talking about cyber bullying...I used that as a crutch to begin talking to him about how cruel people can be but how great GOD is. He never abandones us no matter what we look like..he loves us. The next day we said a prayer in the morning and my 6yr old daughter  said she would pray for him that morning as well. I didnt even pay attention that even her prayer would mean so much. I picked him up that day and he was excited and happy..toal change ? He said he had the best day only one person had mentioned something but he ignored them. He made new friends at a school hes been attending since 2nd grade. GOD is good.