Oct 07 2010
You May Not Be Rich But Are You Poor?

Am I willing to give up that stop at my favorite coffee shop once a week to help save a life? Maybe you can only afford 50 cents or a quarter a day. Is the question really “Can I give?” or should it be “How much am I willing to give?”

Check out Debra from Arizona’s story. Maybe it sounds a little like your own.

“I had been listening all day at my desk for 5 yrs, and struggling with how much to give, much less if I can.  When it came down to my last break of the day, I felt a stronger push to do it (to step up and give). At first it was an easy $10, but that wouldn't have been faith, because that was easy.  By the time I began entering my info it went from $10 to $15 and I stopped at $20, something I am not sure about but again it wouldn't have been faith. I am giving because I don't know what's going to happen but I know what God can do. Thank you for your faithfulness to the broken. After all these years, now I'm there with you.”

Your support really does change lives – it does more than that – it SAVES LIVES!

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