Oct 07 2010
Phone ministry at Air1

The music speaks to people’s hearts over the airwaves, and behind the scenes, the phone ministry team gets to talk to to our listeners on an individual basis, one on one.   It’s a chance to show that it isn’t just Air1 who cares, but God cares about their needs.  God put the phone ministry team in place to extend His love to the world, and His timing is remarkable.

Scott, a member of the team, is awestruck at how God uses the calls to accomplish His will.  "I remember one person who had literally just pulled into the driveway after a doctor visit.  She had just been told that she had cancer.  Another time, my phone call literally interrupted the discussion of a couple that had sat down to talk about getting a divorce. God knew they needed a prayer."

Phone Ministry Team Fun Facts

  • Number of people on the team: 10
  • Each team member averages about 1,100 calls per month
  • Total prayer requests taken in 2010 so far: over 26,000
  • Total calls made in 2010 so far:  over 99,000
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