Oct 07 2010
Music is pretty powerful

God speaks to each of us in different ways.  He grabs our attention in a way only He knows how to do.  For some of you, he may speak through scripture or prayer.

For Sam, God spoke to her through music:
"I've recently been having issues with what it is I'm living for. I've also had problems with my appearence and being confident and not afraid to express my faith in God. I was in tears on my way to school and then the song "Don't You Know Your Beautiful" came on by Seabird, and it was instant releif for some reason. I cant explain it, all I know is that my faith is tronger than ever and I'm proud to be a follower in Christ. I've also learned true beauty is on the inside, not the outside."

When you think about it, music is pretty powerful.  How has the music on Air 1 affected your life?

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