Oct 06 2010
Mama, I love Jesus and Jesus' music!

  Listen to this mom’s story of how Air1 has not only impacted her life but the lives of her young children.  When you give to Air1 you help us to impact millions of lives all around the world.  
We’d love to hear how Air1 has impacted your life too!



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10/6/2010 7:09:03 PM
Adam United States
No... Er... I mean this is good and all, but I don't want Air1 to start playing old people music.  Air1 is the only good Christian station I've heard... I don't want to lose it to old people. The 17-24 year-olds don't want to see Air1 sell out to old people.  I can't listen to today's pop; Lady Gaga isn't good music and neither are the 'singing robots' that fill the rest of the mainstream library.  Classic rock plays the old songs I don't want to hear ever again.  Country is... well, Country is Country... (I don't want to sink to music about either; Messed up ideals and worldviews, getting drunk, cheating or getting cheated on, trucks or dogs.)