Oct 05 2010
What does my pledge go to?

The Air1 team
praying for you
A lot of people wonder, "When I give to Air1, where does the money go to?" In order to keep spreading God's message, we need money for the engineers that keep the signals running, the production team that makes the sound just flow, the web team that enables you to listen online, and our ministry team that prays for you and councils you every day.

“I had a very tough childhood, battling with depression on and off for years. Being 26, I’ve found life to be a challenge at times. One night, I was so depressed and overwhelmed that I was planning on taking my life. I was on Facebook, getting ready to send out a few messages, and than noticed that there was a DJ on from the station. I decided to send an IM to them, and after talking for almost an hour, they actually had a pastor call me from the station to talk with me. Since then I’ve reached out to my church and gotten some great help. I was giving a donation to Air1, but was laid off, so now all I can do is pray. This ministry is life changing. Thank you Air1 Crew for listening and caring--I am alive because of your impact and kindness.”

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