Oct 04 2010
Impact Beyond the Border

You have got to read this story from Brittany:


My husband will be deploying for the 2nd time soon. This will be his 2nd deployment in 1 year. Out of the past year and the year ahead we will have only been together 6 months. Air1 not only provides me daily encouragement and strengthens my faith and relationship with God, but also changes and encourages my husband all the way across the world while he's deployed via online. There are times my husband has told me while he's deployed that God feels almost non-existent over there and it is hard to keeping holding on to your faith and trust in God in ALL circumstances, but then he'll turn on air1 while going to sleep to help block out the sounds of mortars and even in the midst chaos he finds peace and hope that God is there through the songs played on air1. Your radio station is not only changing the lives of people across the US but lives overseas as well. Thank you.


If you’ve been a long-time donor or have just made your pledge, THANK YOU! Thank you for your help in reaching people here at home and across the sea. You are helping to encourage so many people with God’s word and His music. If you haven’t made a pledge, but want to help reach people like Brittany’s husband, it’s never too late. Call today to talk to one of our friendly volunteers at 888-937-2471.

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