Oct 01 2010
Turn It Around

God produces miracles in the lives of many. Check out Gina's story of how God worked in her life to turn her around 180 degrees to glorify Him!:

i went from being an amazing mom to a life of meth addiction. dealing and using meth daily to loosing custody of my kids to wanting to die! 2 felony convictions later, God revealed himself to me as I cried cursed and screamed out to him...today I am chosen and dearly loved...I just bought my 1st house at the age of 36 and I have been clean over 7 years...PRAISE HIS NAME! I have joint custody of my girls and I work as a recovery coach to others who are walking in my old shoes....He is faithful!

There is more where that came from! Check out Air1's Facebook page to read more stories of God turning lives around.

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