Oct 01 2010
People like Susan...

   Susan wants to let you know that if you’re a mother who struggles with their child, you’re not alone.  This is Susan's story.

“When my sons were small, we sang along with Jars of Clay cassettes on our way to their sports practices. Two years ago my younger son was in jail on a felony drug conviction. It was the darkest year of my life, and I held on to God's promises mostly through listening to Air1; music, words of encouragement, and prayer for others. I also emailed for prayer a few times. The most joyous moment came when my son phoned one Sunday and told me that he was tuning in a radio station on his $7 jail radio and heard Jars of Clay song "Like A Child." He said that our times in the car came rushing back....my faith was renewed that God could reach my son and others anywhere. I've supported Air1 financially for years and haven't regretted it a moment...I give now for sad mothers who have children who are lost and need to be found. Thank you Air1 for your 24/7; 360 degrees ministry."

Susan gives to Air1 to reach out to you, to get through these dark moments together.  If your Air1 station has reached out to you in a dark time, and you want to join together with others, pray about what you can do.  Can you donate to the ministry of Air1 Radio?


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10/1/2010 7:41:25 PM
Amy United States
i know two people who have been arrested for what i dont know. they are two men that are closely related to me. my two cousins who live in washinton state both have sons and have had their share of hard times and bad choises they wish they could take back. for the first time in several years, ive seen will and michael. Im thankful that somebody invented family reunions. now, both of them are taking the road that leads to Jesus Christ. even though they havent listened to Air1, they still found music and ministry to help them along the journey. its been a long hard road for them, but i think that its a road thats getting smoother