Oct 01 2010
I Felt Helpless, Useless and Lost . . .

So many of us have had that moment where we look at our lives and go this is not where I want to be. I NEED HELP; I WANT . . . I NEED TO CHANGE!

Air1 listener, Josue shared with us how his dad passed away this past June in his sleep while he lay in the other room. He felt helpless, useless and LOST! Then one day while driving around, ignoring calls and texts from family and friends he drove to the top of a secluded hill and accidently turned on Air1. After a few songs he couldn’t help but just let it all out – he cried for the first time in 8 years feeling his father and God’s presence with him at the exact moment. Now he knows that with God by his side that he can do anything and that one day he will see his dad again. He wants others to know that they are not alone – that God is always there for you!

Your support of Air1 helps others like Josue find God in those darkest days and help them turn their life around – giving them hope of a brighter tomorrow!

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