Oct 01 2010
Excuses, Excuses

What excuse do you use to procrastinate from getting things done or for giving? 
Bree in Arizona says, "I listen to your radio station every single day and I'm fully aware of how much it has personally changed my life.  ...Satan always hardened my heart when it came to giving.
He showed me 100 other things that I could use that money for: clothes, shoes etc. but the story of the little girl who gave a one-time gift of $10 who sacrificed food in order to give, it broke my heart". 
Jessica has impacted so many people this morning.  She sacrificed her last $10 to give to Air1.  She sacrificed food, because of the impact Air1 has on the live of peole every day. 
You can impact people across the world by supporting Air1, or do you have an excuse?

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