Sep 30 2010
Where does the Healing Begin?

Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North explains the meaning behind "Healing Begins." Check out how the song "Healing Begins" by Tenth Avenue North has impacted Kevin's life:

Kevin's been married for 13 yrs now and has 2 daughters he loves more than anything. Now, going through the usual peaks and valleys that marriage can bring, Kevin's been feeling the pressure and stress that working 3 jobs, mounting bills, and time spent away from family can bring. Kevin was ready to leave his wife and was tempted to "burn his marital vows" with other women. Kevin's friend and his brother kept telling Kevin, "God's waiting for you". Kevin hit rock bottom with the potential in losing his home and family. Kevin finally prayed for God's peace and forgiveness. God answered Kevin one day when he couldn't wait to get back to his wife and daughters. God opened Kevin's eyes to what's really important in life besides working and avoiding his family. Kevin goes to church every Sunday and listens to God's message and raises his family in the Christian manner. Tenth Avenue North's "Healing Begins" literally exploded in Kevin's head the 1st day he listened to Air1. Kevin now carries a new love for his job, being a vessel of God's mercy and love as a firefighter, helping those who need hope and care.

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