Sep 30 2010
What song has impacted you?

Like the song "Missing Pages" by Seventh Day Slumber? I had a whole new look on the song after this story:

Brent I won an Air1 contest to see Seventh Day Slumber. I asked so many people to go with me and finally my buddy that I mentored Damus came. He loved the concert and it was normal. Till they played "Missing Pages." He started crying. Later Seventh Day Slumber asked the crowd, “have you ever thought about taking your life?” Damus raised his hand. Then the lead singer told his testimony. He called everyone who needed Jesus's touch. That moment Damus chose to trust Jesus and not kill himself. He told me what happened and why. We prayed. HE IS STILL ALIVE. He would of killed himself Tuesday. Thank you and Thank God for seeing what we could not see. Thank you also SEVENTH DAY SLUMBER.
Listen to part of "Missing Pages" by Seventh Day Slumber



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