Sep 30 2010
The Story of the Pizza Girl

Thank you so much for all your support! This is a story from a co-worker here at Air1 about a faithful giver:

During the last hour of one of our pledge drives on New Year's Eve, a woman called in to pledge. Her husband had just left her, and she was forced to bring up her child alone. She delivered pizzas for a living, and Air1 was the only thing keeping her from going off the edge. Each day she was on the verge of losing hope, and each day for eight hours as she drove around delivering pizzas, Air1 would remind her of the hope that she has in God.

"I want to give more, but I simply can't. Maybe in the future things will turn around, but I couldn't continue listening without supporting. You have done so much for me..."

You don’t have to be married, you don’t have to have gone to college, you don’t have to have everything together, you just have to have faith. Faith that whatever you give will be used in ways you could ever imagine.

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