Sep 30 2010
Building the Walls Back Up

Almost every one of us goes through a time in our lives when it seems like the walls around us are just crumbling down – where there’s no escape.
Air1 listener, Donna shared with us that right now she is holding a really heavy burden on her shoulders and that it seems like every day something else gets added. And that just when she thinks that she can’t take another step that AIR1 plays a song to enable her to keep going! She says that thanks to her faith in God AIR1 she is able to stay on track!
I don’t know about you but I want to be someone to help build Donna and others walls back up.

You can do this by taking a stand and saying, “Yes, I want to help. I want to keep Air1 on air not just for me but for those out there struggling. I want them to wake up each morning knowing that with a flip of a switch they can find the encouragement they need to take on another day.”
You can be the one that starts to build their walls back up!  You can be the one to make a difference!
Learn more on how Air1 is impacting people’s lives by checking out our “What’s Your Story” page on the Air1 website.

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9/30/2010 1:42:56 PM
Doug United States
Yes the story about Donna is very common in my life and Air1 has given me the encourgement to break my walls down, thanks for sharing copellia