Sep 30 2010
Be A Hometown Hero

Have you ever wanted to be a hero? Be a hero in your hometown! Make a difference to those around you. What are somethings that you could do to be a hero to someone else? Does it have to be a big thing (donating your paycheck to someone in need) or small thing (maybe mowing the lawn for someone). If you want to be a hero, pray and ask God what he'd like you to do, and be amazed at where he'll lead you! 

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9/30/2010 3:06:26 PM
skye United States
hey this is skye i went to school today feelin like i was going to make a few layups in basketball . well we didn't do layups so i wasn't happy .plus i got yelled at by my coach .horrible !!!!!! but i heard God say to me " watch your temper " i so  was like what do u mean by that then i realized he meant don't go mouthing off to couch . since then been a pretty good day.
9/30/2010 3:12:34 PM
Alaina Rowe United States
Alaina Rowe
Id want to have a small farm in carmichael for my daughter- and take in abandoned horses and heal them, love them. I wanna give her that. I wanna be Her hero. More than anything in this life. Ad my daughters father just died last month in a sudden car accident. And right now she has to live with a mean tyrannical grandmother because my little apt isnt big enuf and being a barely graduated medical assistant student-I havent paid rent for 4months since MY godfather died who was supporting me thru school, now Im about to be evicted and the horrible grandmother is trying to legally take custody of my child becuz I dont have anywhere to live.. soon as I get evicted. Its a nightmare, and ALL I Want, God, is a beautiful, humble place to call home with my daughter- have chickens for fresh eggs, garden for fresh foods, fruit trees.. I wanna be my daughters hero by saving her from the mean grandmother who is trying to keep us apart during the worst time of both our lives. God please, bring us a Miracle.. my brave good daughter deserves a better life than this. Please God, Please hear our call. Let mommy be her hero once and for all.

9/30/2010 4:43:20 PM
Susan Wolf United States
Susan Wolf
My neighbor, Lisa, calls me her "Guardian Angel". Over the years I've been able help her with groceries or a ride to work. If I really could I'd buy her a reliable car which is something that she really needs.