Sep 30 2010

In your daily life, how often do you spend a dollar here, a dollar there on things? 

A soda from the vending machine
A bag of chips
A song download on iTunes
Coffee from your favorite coffee shop
Introducing people to God's Love

What?  Introducing people to God's Love.  Yes! By giving just $1 a day to Air 1, YOU can be part of something awesome - introducing people, like Sarah, to God's Love!
Sarah struggled with following the Lord for a very long time.  She found Air 1 on her radio and after listening to the songs, decided that she wanted to know this "God of love" that the songs were about.  Sarah gave her heart to God 2 years ago.

Talk about a warm and fuzzie!  YOU can be part of introducing people to the awesome love of God for just $1.00 a day!!!

Think about it!  These guys did: 

Melissa from Midland-Odessa TX
Richard from Sacramento CA
Selam from Edmond OK
Penny from Augusta GA
Travis from Loveland OK
Kristal from Fort Smith AR


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