Sep 21 2010
Outta Space Love is here! And it's $3.99!

If you like Group 1 Crew (songs like Movin', Keys to the Kingdom, Walking on the Stars, etc...), their new album Outta Space Love came out today!

It's just $3.99 on Amazon today!


AND ... TobyMac is featured on one of the new songs! 




(L-R Sean (Air 1 Morning Show), TobyMac, Mandy (Air 1 Morning Show) and Gabriel from Toby's Diverse City Band!)



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9/21/2010 2:46:11 PM
Jesse United States
You can also get their single - "Live It Up" free on iTunes this week.  It is the featured single.
9/24/2010 6:27:05 PM
Jason Curtis United States
Jason Curtis
Love the tobyMac song.  And if you get the whole album, you can hear Group 1 Crew giving some props to Toby in another song.