Sep 20 2010
NEW TobyMac & Brandon Heath!

Here's what's new this week on the Air 1 playlist: (it's good stuff!)

TobyMac "Hold On" from the album Tonight






Brandon Heath "Your Love" from his upcoming 3rd album, coming out in early 2011!

Click on Brandon's pic to hear the new song!



We'd love to know what you think about the newest additions to the Air 1 playlist. Would you tell us? Yeah? Cool!

You can post a comment here on the blog.

And you can also check out Air 1 Mixology to help us put together the playlist and play more of the songs you LOVE!

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Comments (6) -

9/20/2010 7:29:07 PM
T United States
Good picks. Both are awesome.
9/21/2010 11:48:46 AM
Kenzie United States
I haven't heard TobyMac's new song yet, but Brandon Heath's song "Your Love" is amazing! I love it!  Smile
9/22/2010 9:13:40 AM
Grace United States
Hold on is an amazing song!  I love it!
9/27/2010 3:06:59 PM
Suzanne United States
I like them both... especially "Your Love"
9/29/2010 7:31:03 PM
Gloria United States
ohmigosh, both of these songs SO awesome!! totally love all this new music u guys been playin!!!! =D
10/2/2010 2:05:14 PM
Rebeca Bolivia
"your love" of brandonh heath is a blessing!