Sep 17 2010
What would you do for a...

What would you do-o-o for a....Klondike bar? No, really, what would you do for...Jeremy Camp tickets?










He's giving away 20 tickets in each city on The Worship Tour!

To win the tickets, you have to do something. And if you're already on facebook or twitter, you're halfway there.

Click on the pic if you want to find out more!

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9/17/2010 12:40:15 PM
Edwin United States
He's not coming no where near my area. But I am going to do it anyway
9/17/2010 1:22:55 PM
Air1Coppelia United States
Hey, Edwin! If you win, you can always try to travel or give the tickets away! Smile
9/17/2010 5:32:33 PM
Jennifer Eckert United States
Jennifer Eckert
I'm promoting the concerts and I already have my tickets.  I've got friends all over and I suggest promoting the concerts even if you can't go.  Get the word out since the shows are going to be good and others in our vast network of location may live near one and want to go.
9/17/2010 8:05:27 PM
Amy United States
same here. he's not even coming to any of Oregon's surrounding states, it looked like. but if so, my going would depend on when the concert would be, since schools started and all