Sep 17 2010
FREE Melodie Joy download

Melodie Joy's song "Savior" is one of our newest Air 1 Hits this week...and you can still get the FREE download!

Plus, you can listen to Melodie talk about her new song and album L.I.F.E. in the video below.

If that album title sounds familiar, it's because both Melodie Joy and Beckah Shae's latest albums are called LiFE!

The difference is that Melodie's LIFE stands for "Living Independently From Evil",

while Beckah's LIFE means "Love In Full Effect".

They're both awesome!

Comments (8) -

9/18/2010 9:06:32 AM
Jacobow United States
Wow, her voice is incredible! Song is pretty good too - keep playing it Air One!
9/18/2010 6:50:15 PM
SJB United States
I can't figure out how to get the free download.  Maybe my computer is blocking itFrown
9/19/2010 5:03:16 PM
T United States
Melodie Joy, sorry, but she's terrible!!!

P.S. Beckah Shae did a pretty good job on her album though. I really like "Here In This Moment". So please play that one instead of "Savior". Please.
9/20/2010 7:22:50 AM
gina United States
That's one sweet song!go melodie !
9/20/2010 9:55:06 AM
LCorl United States
I love this song.  I think this should be on the WorkOut Mix!  Love to dance to it! Keep it up!
9/20/2010 8:42:28 PM
Kimmah United States
I REALLY don't like this song, it's terrible.  For me, it makes NO sense aside from the fact she says "we need a savior."  I change the station when this song comes on, that's how much I don't like it. Sorry.  Beckah Shae's album is MUCH better and MEANS something.  
9/23/2010 11:45:05 AM
Sydney United States
I love this song!!!
You should play it everyday!
9/30/2010 3:05:05 PM
K United States
OMGosh!!!!!!!!  This song is soooo cool cuz I can work out, dance and have fun to it.  Plus it sounds like a song that could be played on the secular stations and it's great to have christian artists make an impact to people who wouldn't listen to christian music. I've showed some of my friends who don't go to church and they can't stop playing it.   That's what its alll about. Keep playing saviour........