Sep 14 2010
NEW Air 1 Hits Newsboys and Melodie Joy

Check out the new additions to the Air 1 playlist this week:

Newsboys "Way Beyond Myself" from the album Born Again











Melodie Joy "Savior" from the EP L.I.F.E. (sounds like a Christian version of singer Ke$ha!)

Click on Melodie's pic to get a FREE download!


We would LOVE to know what you think of these songs. Tell us here on the blog!

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Comments (27) -

9/14/2010 6:28:29 PM
Ronnie Hamilton United States
Ronnie Hamilton
Nice job Air1!  The Melody Joy song sounds like mainstream radio!  I've always felt that Christian radio needs to do a better job at sounding relevant.  This sounds like nothing else on Air1.

Haven't listened to the new one from Newsboys yet.
9/14/2010 7:25:33 PM
Shu Min Singapore
Shu Min
AWESOME! Please introduce more songs of Melodie Joy! Thanks and God bless!=)
9/15/2010 5:35:11 AM
sugarblue528 United States
Not to be rude, but that song by Melodie Joy is the WORST song I have EVER heard on Air 1! Please stop playing it!! Thank you!
9/15/2010 7:58:01 AM
AIR1listener United States
I agree with sugarblue528, the song by Melodie Joy is a really bad song. It sounds too much like other songs that don't honor God. I really don't like the song. Please don't play any more of Joy's songs.
Thank you.
9/15/2010 12:21:20 PM
Kaitlyn United States
I LOVE the Newsboys, I got the cd the day it came out and that track's one of my favorites.

I'm going to agree with sugarblue528, I do NOT like the Melodie Joy one... totally not my style and just plain annoying.... no offense still love you Air1
9/15/2010 4:26:04 PM
Lydia United States
I really love the song Way Beyond Myself..heard it concert this past saturday and it was amazing! And I saw Ashton!=P hahaha
9/15/2010 4:40:30 PM
Jessica United States
I love the new Newsboys! Smile As for Melodie Joy... It's ok. I think it's important to not sound too much like secular music. After all, Christians are supposed to different.
9/15/2010 6:39:58 PM
Ciera Zimmerman United States
Ciera Zimmerman
I completely disagree with sugarblue. Melodie Joy is doing an excelent job with her music choice, and I think it quite rude to put your down. People that enjoy the secular music would be more likely to go towards a christian station if they knew that the same type of music was being played. Just with more positive words. Keep up the good work Melodie and continue to shine for Christ. I love the music choice air1! Laughing
9/15/2010 11:32:59 PM
David United States
Hey guys. Not to be rude either but it's fine if you don't like the new Melodie Joy song but 'AIR1Listener', I personally think that's silly to base a song on how it sounds.

What I'm saying is, this song still has uplifting lyrics and a positive message. You know alot of other songs on Air1 could be argued that they sound like 'other songs that don't honour God' either.

But technically this song IS honouring God and if more people become saved or turn to God because of hearing this song in a modern way then that is something good accomplished!
9/16/2010 9:28:46 AM
Laura United States
Can't STAND the Melodie Joy song. Really really awful musically (I don't think it's silly to judge a song based on how it sounds, personally). And comparing Christian artists to "mainstream" artists -

"(sounds like a Christian version of singer Ke$ha!)"

-is perpetrating the myth that "Christian" artists can only be accepted based on doing a cleaned-up version of the "world's style." This is a very damaging mindset that the world has the real, cool originals, and that we have to get away with the generic brands or something.

Christian artists should be accepted as ARTISTS, not copycats. We are hurting ourselves by branding ourselves a copycat or "alternative" rather than a viable option in of itself.

Um, but despite that rant - I LOVE you AIR1 and totally appreciate what you're doing! SmileSmile

9/16/2010 2:15:25 PM
Karen United States
As far as the Melodie Joy song, it will just have to grow on me. I like to know the words to what I am listening to, so I looked up the words (mostly because I couldn't understand them at first!) under the song lyrics on the Air1 music page.  Call me 'old school', but spelling and grammar should be important, particularly when something is going to be publicly distributed. So when I found the lyrics, I was taken aback by how awful the spelling is. I don't know if it is supposed to be that way for a gimmick, or what, but it was the deciding factor at the time whether I like the song or not.  Over all, at this time, anyway, I cannot say I like the song.  Like I said, it will probably have to grow on me.  But I will ALWAYS love Air1--I have from the beginning!  Smile
9/16/2010 2:53:08 PM
Suzanne United States
I LOVE "Way Beyond Myself"! I am not trying to be mean or bring anyone down, but I really do not like the new Melodie Joy. I have heard it twice, once at school, and everyone in my class hated it. Again, I am not trying to be rude, but I think Air1 can find better music than that. But I still love Air1!
9/16/2010 6:21:02 PM
NH United States
I LOVE this song by Melody Joy.  Coming from a business I work in that plays nonstop secular dance music (with the exception of the remixes from Plumb and Switchfoot), this is a welcome addition to the Christian Dance choices.  So, she may sound like K$sha, but guess what?  This may be the song that wins over that K$sha-fan.  That's what won me - good, Christian, Alternative Rock and Dance music.  Way to go.  Keep up the great work!
9/16/2010 6:26:36 PM
NH United States
Also remember...Air1 is the Positive Alternative.  This is an alternative to the "other" music, and it is positive.  It's not mellow, it's not rock.  It's current-sounding, and if there is one thing we Christians get criticized about often is that we have old-fashioned, hymnal music. As the saying goes, "It's in the heart, not the art".  We are all given special talents, gifts and abilities.  Melody Joy is touching Someone, or many, somewhere.  God Bless you, Melody!!!!!
9/16/2010 7:58:10 PM
Edwin United States
I like the new Newsboys song.

Joy's song is not what I would prefer but I don't think Air1 should stop playing her song. Yes I know what the majority votes for is what it's being play more but there's also the minority's right. There are listeners who like this song and air1 should play that song for them as well. There has been songs that I like and Air1 stops playing it just because it didn't received enough votes.
9/16/2010 8:22:17 PM
Ciera Zimmerman United States
Ciera Zimmerman
To Laura: I understand what you are saying about Christian music sounding secular. But if someone that listens to that type of music happens to flip air1 on. And Melodie is playing, they would say " WOW! I like this music" And then they would be drawn into the Christian/alternative environment. That one song could change that person from living a worldly life, to living a God filled life! Isn't that song worth it! Do you not understand what Melodie is trying to get across?  She is reaching out to all the lost humans that need God!

9/16/2010 10:28:14 PM
Christy United States
As someone who loves more upbeat music and is slowly trying to rid her ipod of negative secular music, I am excited to hear music that sounds like the "world" but with a Christian message.

Isn't it great that God made each of us different, even in an aspect as small as musical tastes? There are songs I don't prefer to listen to as well, but I guess I am just thankful that there is Christian music and I can listen to it openly without persecution.

In Him.

9/17/2010 7:52:28 PM
Suzanne United States
Laura, you have a great point.
9/18/2010 10:46:13 AM
Nate United States
I think both songs are great additions.  I am a middle school teacher, and I often have to chaperon the dances.  Let me tell you Melodie Joy's song sounds very current with the message still intact.  Props to Air 1 for trying out some new songs and reaching out to the youth and those young at heart. Thank you to Melodie Joy for providing this song as a free download too.

Still waiting eagerly to hear these newly released singles however: Thousand Foot Krutch-Look Away, The Letter Black - Believe, Brandon Heath - Your love. All three of these are already playing on another christian radio station.  Come on Air1--add more than just one or two new singles per week.  Monday is always a long wait for new music.
9/19/2010 3:49:48 AM
Kayla United States
I really love the Newsboys and Way Beyond Myself.  
I like Melodie Joy's new song.  I thought it was pretty cool.  
9/19/2010 4:17:05 AM
Kayla United States
And can you send some bands to Fairbanks, Alaska? Thanks
9/21/2010 9:27:19 AM
Noah United States
On another spelling related note, the song appears on iTunes and Amazon as "Saviour" not "Savior" (the British spelling).

Regardless of spelling though, I am really ashamed when people bash a song (or worse an artist) in the name of Christ. I do not particularly care for  Melodie Joy's style of music, but that does not mean it is bad music, only that it does not suit my taste. If you do not like her music, please voice your opinion using Air 1's Mixology instead of condemning her and her music.

Oh, and just for anyone who likes to know more about an artist, Melodie Joy is a Latin artist making her first entry into English music, a fact that might explain the poor spelling in the lyrics as well as her tweets.
9/26/2010 6:13:06 PM
Jim Black United States
Jim Black
Melodie Joy's music has an awesome sound to it. I have been looking for a Christian artist with this style of music. A style is's the lyrics that may be immoral! Please stop slamming her for having "secular" sounding music. This music IS different: it does not glorify drugs or sex.
9/27/2010 4:56:01 PM
Nathaniel Phillipps United States
Nathaniel Phillipps
Nowadays I excitedly await listening to Melodie Joy's "Savior" on AIR1. I listen to other stations also that generally play the pop/dance style of music that "Savior" is but I would much rather hear this song on AIR1 over the secular music any day!

I am very proud that AIR1 is playing this song because in addition to it wrapping a completely different audience from many AIR1 songs into the loving arms of God, it is incredibly refreshing to hear music from an artist of color. As a bi-racial identifying guy, I get kind of annoyed that there aren't more songs from musicians of color being played on this station, and I think more effort should be put into finding a more diverse mix of songs. People often identify with other people purely because they are of the same ethnic identity, and what could be a more incredible way to draw hearts to Jesus than for people of color to have "positive alternative" music to listen to that is made by people they can instantly identify with.
9/29/2010 4:57:05 PM
Mike United States
Regardless if you like or dislike the music by Melodie Joy, the comments by those that do not like it seem to be way more harsh than necessary.  If you don't like the music, say so in a much more tactful way such as Edwin and a couple of others did in their comments above.  If it is your opinion that it is the worst song ever, then reflect your opinions in the Air1 Mixology instead of here.
9/29/2010 7:07:53 PM
Isaiah United States
I haven't heard the Newsboys song yet, but I bet its good, but I want say something about the Melodie Joy song.

Some of you are bashing her and her choice of style. Why? As long as it is glorifying Christ, does it matter? I understand not liking a certain genre of music (I don't like country personally), but if it might get someone to praise God or bring someone to Christ then let them listen to that Christian country music and I will praise God with them knowing we are all worshiping the same God.

It is like the Bible. Just because that person isn't reading the same version as you, does that mean you hate it or them? It shouldn't matter if they are reading the Hebrew version or the NLT. Be happy and encourage them because they are reading God's Word, THE truth. Same with music, praise God that some kind of music can get people to worship or draw people to Him, no matter how it sounds.

So be thankful that Melodie Joy and other artists are doing what God called them to do, to reach the lost and encourage us, her brothers and sisters in Christ.

10/2/2010 6:56:55 PM
Lynn United States
I need help!  I was listening to Air ONe and the song went like this..."your love your love..."  It was so catchy...I need the name to it please!

To my bros and sisters in Christ--remember 1 Corinthians 15:58