Aug 19 2010
NEW Jeremy Camp & Revive

Have you heard the latest Air 1 Hits?

Jeremy Camp "Jesus Saves" from We Cry Out: The Worship Project (release date 8/24/10)





Revive "Almost Missed This Moment" from the album Blink





Let us know what you think! You can post a comment here on the blog. And if you want to help us put together the Air 1 playlist, check out Air 1 Mixology.

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Comments (9) -

8/19/2010 1:19:00 PM
Crystal United States
I love the Jeremy Camp song. I can't wait for the album to come out. Only a few more days...
8/19/2010 1:38:20 PM
Sam Canada
i like the new revive song i dont like their other song "blink" but this one has a different sound but dont worry its a good different
8/19/2010 2:10:54 PM
Edwin Subuyuj Guatemala
Edwin Subuyuj
Thank you Air1 and Coppelia for playing the new Jeremy Camp Song.

Crystal I agree can't wait for the new CD. From What I have heard thus fur it is an amazing CD.

About the Revive song not to bad. I Like it
8/19/2010 3:13:45 PM
Jennifer Eckert United States
Jennifer Eckert
I like both songs.  I was waiting for Air1 to get Jeremy Camp's new song...and I was waiting for this blog post all week.  Can't wait for these songs to get in the mixology.
8/19/2010 3:55:43 PM
Coppelia United States
Jennifer, That was my bad! I usually post the new songs on Monday...this may have been the record-breaking latest I've posted the "new" songs. Smile But I'm glad you like 'em both!
8/19/2010 8:45:45 PM
Amy United States
i like jeremy camp alot n i relly like revives new song, but(one person has openly agreed with me on this),i think that it would be cool if air1 played Skillet's song Monster. no, its not just cuz im a Skillet nut but because the only radio station i know of that plays Skillet, Red, Flyleaf and a couple other bands that i like n play my favorite songs by those artists r 100.3 the x rocks. i like alot of the music but the djs n alot of the songs have really foul language. So Coppelia, i wanna ask your opinion. whaddya think bout monster by Skillet?
8/25/2010 11:55:51 AM
Gina United States
I like both songs, too!  I agree with Amy about Monster, BTW!!!
8/27/2010 8:19:03 PM
Amy United States
pk1 now i got 2 on the wagon! keep it up! well, by that i mean keep worshiping God n havin fun doin so!
8/27/2010 8:20:20 PM
Amy United States
i couldnt see what i was typin cuz im in the dark. i meant Ok! on the first word, not pk1