Aug 13 2010
NEW The Wrecking EP

If you like The Wrecking, here's good news!

The Wrecking via Facebook:

For those of you who have been asking, "The Catalyst EP Deluxe Edition is now AVAILABLE on iTUNES!! 

This includes both current radio singles, "About to Fall" and "Fire".

Just search iTunes for "The Wrecking Catalyst Deluxe", enjoy and spread the word! :)


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8/19/2010 5:34:59 AM
Danielle Callahan
Danielle Callahan
This EP is AMAZING!  I can't wait for the record!!!
8/24/2010 11:47:17 AM
Dennis United States
the new song is great, play more of it.
8/24/2010 8:51:17 PM
Susie United States
Thanks for the news! Got it today =) this music is So GOOD!
8/25/2010 9:23:25 AM
Maggie United States
Keep it coming! Your music is so very inspiring!
8/25/2010 6:38:51 PM
Julianne Frey United States
Julianne Frey
These guys are not only just amazing on their new album; they are some of the most energetic, talented, amazing, down to earth men who I am blessed to know! Thanks for making another stop at Lifest! You guys are AWESOME! Smile
8/25/2010 6:39:33 PM
Julianne Frey United States
Julianne Frey
P.S.: The drum thing was awesome!