Aug 03 2010
An Evening with Brandon Heath & Jars of Clay

That's my kind of evening!


The Evening with Brandon Heath and Jars of Clay Tour is this fall, and part of the show will have them all on stage playing within each other's songs. AWESOME!



“I’m more excited than I can even really say about the chance to tour with Jars of Clay this fall. We truly are long-time friends and collaborators. Now, the chance to do this over a period of weeks on tour in front of a live audience – it’s going to be special. I really look forward to what will happen each night on stage playing and singing together.”
-Brandon Heath
“We can’t wait to head out this fall with our friend Brandon Heath. We are looking forward to playing songs from our new album along with some old favorites going all the way back to our first record.”
-Steve from Jars of Clay
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8/9/2010 9:23:27 AM
Tony Blabbs United States
Tony Blabbs
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