Jul 05 2010
NEW Disciple & Abandon music

One of my favorite things about Monday? It's the day we reveal the latest Air 1 Hits!


Disciple "Dear X" from the upcoming album Horseshoes and Handgranades (due out September 14)



Abandon "Hero" from the album Searchlights



You can click on the pics to hear the songs and tell us what you think!

Post a comment here on the blog, or check out Air 1 Mixology at www.air1.com.

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Comments (15) -

7/5/2010 11:09:34 AM
Kaitlyn United States
I love both of them!!!  Thank you for something other then rap!
7/5/2010 1:55:17 PM
Andrea United States
Absolutely LOVE the new Disciple song! I can't wait till the album comes out! DISCIPLE ROCKS!!!!
7/5/2010 4:15:28 PM
Kellen United States
r u just gonna get rid of skillet hero?
7/5/2010 9:55:16 PM
Coppelia United States
Hey Kellen, did u ask if we were going to delete Skillet Hero? NO WAY!!! Skillet ROCKS! ;) Sincerely, Air 1. Smile
7/6/2010 10:02:12 AM
Bethany United States
abandon's "hero" is one of my favorite songs of all time!!!!!!!!! i lead worship for 4th-6th grade kids in sunday school and they LOVE it!!!!
7/6/2010 11:44:49 AM
Kellen United States
7/6/2010 11:47:52 AM
Kellen United States
there is a band from socal that really rocks, their name is lovelite. please add a song from them.
7/6/2010 1:46:48 PM
Jonathan United States
I agree about not liking rap. I love that you guys always have something new, but i'm not for rap, or owl city (needtobreethe is a personal opinion though). I LOVE the new Abandon song. Thanks so much
7/6/2010 8:52:52 PM
Jennifer Eckert United States
Jennifer Eckert
the songs are good...now to add the new one from The Wrecking "About To Fall"  I heard it Sunday night live and it was awesome.  You also need to add Jeremy Camp's version of "Jesus Saves".  It's rocking.
7/7/2010 2:44:37 PM
Kyle Huffstatler United States
Kyle Huffstatler
i love the new disciple song i cant wait till the new album comes out. disciple rocks wen are you guys gonna start playing the new single
7/7/2010 9:13:28 PM
Jessie United States
love the abandon song!!

the first time i heard the disciple song i fell in love with it but didn't know who it was!! when i found out it was off disciple's new album, i was STOKED!!! Laughing
7/8/2010 5:29:38 AM
jesus freak! United States
jesus freak!
Thank you sooo much for playing the new Disciple song! It is amazing! Please play the other singles they release as they come out!
7/9/2010 1:46:08 PM
Josh Rapp United States
Josh Rapp
I love this song! I like how they combined the chello with their hard rock style. I went to a Disciple concert and loved it! Keep the good music coming!
7/9/2010 1:48:13 PM
pammyjean United States
TOTALLY love Disciple's new song!!!  Pretty new to their music but if all their other songs are like this one, then they will have acquired a new fan!
7/26/2010 4:48:23 PM
Sam Canada
i liked them both hero has a great message