Jun 28 2010
The Air 1 Playlist welcomes...

The Afters and House of Heroes!

They're the latest additions to the Air 1 Hits playlist.

The Afters "Light up the Sky" from the new Light Up the Sky (Release: 9/14/10)

*recently featured on MTV's The Hills.



House of Heroes "Constant" from the new Suburba (Release: 8/3/10)



Listen to both of these on Air 1, and tell us whatcha think!

You can post a comment here on the blog, or check out Air 1 Mixology.

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Comments (13) -

6/28/2010 8:49:20 AM
Tyler H United States
Tyler H
Yes!  House of Heroes!  Excellent choice my friends
6/28/2010 1:32:15 PM
Sam United States
For those who like HoH, it should be noted that they can three of their songs for free @ www.amazon.com/.../ref=sr_shvl_album_1
6/28/2010 2:19:14 PM
Edwin Subuyuj Guatemala
Edwin Subuyuj
Love Both songs. Totally agree Excellent choice. Please also include Missing by Flyleaf
6/28/2010 5:54:05 PM
Stephany United States
Finally House of Heroes is being played. Can't wait for Suburba. House of Heroes Rocks!!!!!
6/28/2010 10:53:41 PM
Kellen United States
Please play Shachah.Smile
6/29/2010 12:17:27 PM
House of heroes fan United States
House of heroes fan
Love those House of heroes guys Saw them a few years ago and briefly met them such nice boys-r um- young men! Sincerely Deidre
6/29/2010 5:58:55 PM
Alina Georgeson United States
Alina Georgeson
I've been dying for air 1 to start playing some House of Heroes!  I love this song!  It rocks and it really has awesome words and themes!  THANK YOU AIR 1!  Keep playing new, good stuff!
6/29/2010 7:07:39 PM
Kayla United States
Yess!! House of Heroes rocks! (: Air1, you're by far the best radio station ever!
6/30/2010 9:42:53 PM
House of Heroes #1 Fan United States
House of Heroes #1 Fan
House of Heroes is defiantly the best band out there. I think this is the best possible thing air1 could do for their radio station and hopefully by playing this song they will discover that House of Heroes is freakin amazing!
7/1/2010 6:44:08 PM
Jonathan United States
You gotta keep both!!!
7/2/2010 2:00:24 PM
Gabrielle Buck United States
Gabrielle Buck
THANK YOU soo much for playing House of Heroes!! I love them, they are my favorite! Keep playing them air1, you rock!
7/9/2010 1:52:23 PM
pammyjean United States
"Light Up The Sky" is my current favorite song!!  I love the visual that it presents!  I can't wait until I can purchase it and don't have to play it over and over from their website!  Best song out there right now!
7/12/2010 12:49:11 AM
Ronnie Hamilton United States
Ronnie Hamilton
I haven't even heard the song from HoH yet, but everything else I have heard from them is amazing.  I was extremely excited to see that Air1 had finally added them to the playlist.  I hope you keep them playing.

Oh, and the new Afters song is great as well.  Good choice.