Jun 22 2010
NY2LA Video Battles!

Think that you and your friends have the dance moves to represent your city? Well, if you enjoy the new song from Press Play "NY2LA," they want to see you bust a move, make a change, and possibly pick-up a sweet VIP package!

Right now the very friendly dance battle is going on between St. Louis and Nashville, and your group could be next! Check out the videos and details on how you can jump in.

Grab as many friends you can, pick-up your dad's video camera (ask for permission first) and have fun dancing!


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Comments (3) -

6/22/2010 7:59:23 PM
Anabel Garcia United States
Anabel Garcia
Hello, When i looked up the info on the contest the deadline had already past (it was set for may 28). Has a new deadline been made?
6/27/2010 4:34:18 PM
Bethany United States
i dont want to be hated cuz i see that almost all the people on here are press play fanatics, but why do people like them... i dont think they're all that freakin awesome... in fact i find them a little annoying...
6/28/2010 3:37:37 PM
ThErEsE United States
Actually I think some of these air 1 bands are kind of cheesy. No offence that's just my opinion.