Jun 22 2010
Jars of Clay says Well:Done!

If you were a part of Jars of Clay's Well:Done Project on Air 1, THANKS!

The Jars of Clay guys (Dan, Matt, Charlie & Steve) spent one very long day, talking on Air 1 about the need to build wells in Africa and how we could get involved.

The original goal when they started the project back in 2005 was 1000 wells. They just needed 110 to complete the project...and you helped them fund 95 of these!

"This was one of the most amazing displays of generosity I have experienced.  It is hard to imagine that a single day of radio can turn into clean water for thousands of Africans.  This will save so many lives!" -Dan Haseltine, Jars of Clay

If you didn't get involved, you still can. There are generations of people who will get help and hope for a better life because a well came to their village.

On behalf of beautiful african men, women and children...thanks.

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