Jun 21 2010
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Needtobreathe "Let Us Love" from the album The Outsiders




Stellar Kart "Something Holy" from the album Everything is Different Now


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Comments (10) -

6/21/2010 12:39:47 PM
c United States
Sweet! i love me some NEEDTOBREATHE!
6/22/2010 7:44:15 AM
Amanda United States
I love the NeedToBreathe Song!!!!! Haven't heard the Stellar Kart one yet. Could we get a new Barlowgirl song?!?
6/22/2010 8:59:06 AM
Bethany United States
"something holy" is not on "everything is different now".... i should know: i have the cd......
6/22/2010 10:17:15 AM
Coppelia United States
Hi Bethany,

"Something Holy" is song #3 on Stellar Kart's Everything is Different Now. Here's a link to the album listing:

And here's the actual album listing. Smile
Stellar Kart-Everything Is Different Now
INO Records

Song List:
1.All My Heart
2.We Shine
3.Something Holy
4.Spirit In The Sky
5.Everything Is Different Now
6.It's Not Over
8.Never Let Go
9.Until My Heart Caves In
10.Like The Sun
6/22/2010 11:31:38 AM
Larry United States
One of my favorites on The Outsiders. I have to turn up the radio when it comes on, gives me some energy! Just saw NEEDTOBREATHE at Bonnaroo two weeks ago, they finished their set with "Let us Love". Wow!
6/22/2010 7:27:18 PM
Bethany United States
very weird.... my track listing is this:

1.  All My Heart
2.  We Shine
3.  Spirit in the Sky
4.  Everything is Different Now
5.  It's Not Over
6.  Rescue
7.  Only One
8.  Never Let Go
9.  Until My Heart Caves In
10. Like the Sun

maybe its cuz i bought it at a live show before it actually released...
6/23/2010 6:45:27 AM
Smashley United States
i saw stellar kart in concert and thought that it was awesome
6/24/2010 9:55:32 AM
Coppelia United States
Bethany, that is weird!! You're probably right, that you may have gotten a very 1st release. So yours is special. Smile
6/24/2010 9:56:44 AM
Coppelia United States
I just noticed that your CD has the song "Only One" that is NOT on the new one, so you still got an extra Stellar Kart song! Smile
6/24/2010 12:04:07 PM
Bethany United States
yeah, "only one" is probably my favorite on the album!!!!! its pretty awesome