Jun 14 2010
New Group1Crew and Press Play!

Check out the latest Air 1 Hits we added to the playlist this week:

Group1Crew "Walking on the Stars" from the new album Spacebound

Press Play "NY2LA" (New York to LA) from the new album that comes out August 24!

Listen to the songs on Air 1 this week, and then tell us what you think!

Which one's your favorite?

Tell us here on the blog and then join Air 1's Mixology to help pick the next Air 1 Hit!

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Comments (40) -

6/14/2010 8:14:52 AM
Dawn Mayfield United States
Dawn Mayfield
Press Play's new one "NY2LA" is awesome! I love it! Keep playing it!
6/14/2010 8:29:57 AM
Bethany United States
i dont like press play and the only song i like from group 1 crew is "cant go on"
6/14/2010 3:33:56 PM
Jay United States
I love both of them! But if I were to pick one, I'd go with the new Group1Crew track. They rock!
6/14/2010 4:15:17 PM
Alisha United States
I have to say I LOVE the new Press Play Song "NY2LA".

I didn't realize what it was until I started listening to it... I am a huge Press Play Fan, and Was so excited to hear it on the Radio. So my pick is definitely "NY2LA"!!! Smile
6/14/2010 8:12:02 PM
Anita Griego United States
Anita Griego
Why aren't we able to listen to Air1 at 88.1 in Vail? It was down a few months ago and now it is down again. Really miss Air1 in the mountains of Colorado.
6/14/2010 8:22:42 PM
Nick United States
press play Ny2la is amazing
6/14/2010 10:59:43 PM
Air1Coppelia United States
Anita, I'm sorry that you're having trouble with the Vail, CO station, 88.1. Try calling the Air 1 office at 888-YES-AIR1 to find out the status.
6/15/2010 1:10:36 PM
Bonnie United States
I love the new one from press play but sadly I cant find it on youtube
6/15/2010 8:30:35 PM
Nicole United States
I LOVE the new song by Press Play and cannot wait for it to go on sale! Play it all the time please!!!
6/16/2010 9:36:04 AM
Karen United States
I LOVE NY2LA! Please play it more!
6/16/2010 12:35:59 PM
Smashley United States
i love NY2LA can you play it more i havent herd it in a while plese play it more, I havent herd the group 1 crew one yet so yea,
6/16/2010 1:43:44 PM
Emily United States
I love the Group 1 Crew song!
6/16/2010 2:52:37 PM
Maria United States
I LOVE the new Press Play song.... I can't wait until August 24th.... ♥  
6/16/2010 7:29:06 PM
Chris United States
6/17/2010 8:24:54 AM
Shannon United States
I really like the Press Play's new song NY2LA.  I wish I could down load a good video to my Facebook page!  I will definitely be purchasing the CD!
6/17/2010 9:02:02 AM
Karen United States
I heard this song yesterday on Air1 that was so amazing, I tried to race home to get the last five songs played to see what song it was.  Well...im missed the song by 1 but I think it NY2LA from Press Play.  I absolutly LOVE this song.  Hope to hear it MANY more times!!
6/17/2010 2:40:31 PM
Steph United States
I LOVE the new one from Press Play, NY2LA I have only heard it once but I cannot get it out of my head and I cannot wait to hear it again.
6/17/2010 11:59:33 PM
Matt Australia
6/18/2010 8:25:16 AM
Chanda United States
I just have to share...I was in the car with my 4-yr old when I first heard NY2LA. When I turned around to unbuckle her from her car seat I caught her completely dancing to the song...head bopping, shoulders swaying, and feet bouncing. I had to pause and simply dance with her.  After that, I was sold; I must have that song on my playlist!!
6/19/2010 9:14:30 PM
Dana United States
I think we will use the Press Play song for Vacation Bible School ... My 7 & 8 year old LOVE it!!
6/20/2010 5:41:00 PM
Angie United States
So love both the songs but my favorite is Press Play NY2LA!! Please keep playing!! Why can't i find this song to buy? I see the album comes out in August but surely they would be releasing the single now!! Please do u have a date for single? Can't wait to buy it!!!
6/21/2010 7:42:06 PM
Alisha United States
Angie- The Single comes out July 6th on iTunes... Counting down the days myself! Smile
6/21/2010 9:01:41 PM
danielle United States
i LOVE ny2la!!!! <3
6/21/2010 9:05:23 PM
Erin United States
I LOVE the new Press Play song! PLEASE play it more!!
6/21/2010 10:53:26 PM
Matt United States
NY 2 LA is the song of the summer!  Wow!  This is such a fresh song.  A different style, fun, and flare.  Press Play just keeps getting better or better.  Please keep playing it!
6/22/2010 11:58:26 AM
Doe United States
I like them both. BUT NY2LA was playing and I came and googled it. I never do that. I found your site and listened to the other one. It is nice, but I wouldn't not have stopped cleaning house to come google it.
6/22/2010 12:09:41 PM
Beth United States
LOVE NY2LA!!!  I can't wait to get the single...hope you start playing it more often until it's available!
6/22/2010 11:13:54 PM
Angela United States
Love NY2LA!!  Play it more!  can't wait to download it!
6/23/2010 6:03:30 AM
Smashley United States
i just heard the Walking On The Stars and i have to say i was pretty impressed. Laughing
6/23/2010 10:26:20 PM
Makayla United States
LOVE LOVE **LOVE** NY2LA!! It came on the other day and my friend Alysa and I went CRAZY and just did all the dance moves to the chorus and then had so much fun... we were breathless afterwards!! Laughing Want to hear it wayyy more, especially since right now you can't find it ANYWHERE else.... haha I'm listening to the radio 24/7 to hear it come on. Today even, when we were about to head out to the car to leave for church, I heard it come on in the house, and started screaming and saying we had to go, then we got in the car and I turned it up and went insane XD amazing song: LOVE IT!
7/2/2010 5:51:12 AM
Leslie United States
It's virtually impossible to sit still when I hear "NY2LA", but I really enjoy "Walking on the Stars"...final choice? NY2LA.
I heard it for the first time this morning on my way to work. There are two Air1 stations near us, but sometimes neither is clear. I had to switch back and forth between the two so I could hear the whole song! Loved it!
7/3/2010 10:12:45 PM
Bridgett United States
Press Play where have you been all along!  This banks is so fresh and brings a new sound to Christian music.  Finally, music I can be proud to play for my unsaved friends.  
7/3/2010 10:18:21 PM
doyle United States
Ok, Press Play NY to LA is one of the best songs I've heard in awhile on Air 1.  I absoultely love it!  Thank you air 1.  Also, Group 1 crew pretty impressive.  
7/5/2010 11:59:50 AM
Paula United States
I like them both!  I love NY2LA and wish is was out now!
7/6/2010 10:27:06 AM
Alisha United States
I'm So happy! iTunes has NY2LA now!!!!!! Got mine at 1:30 this morning Laughing
7/11/2010 12:40:03 PM
macey:) United States
NY 2 LA!!!!!!!!! Love it!!
7/19/2010 6:59:33 AM
Mark Romania
NY 2 LA....Jeeez now that was awesome...I mean AWESOME!!! I watched their Music Video at Utube over and over again...
7/26/2010 9:47:15 PM
Shannon K United States
Shannon K
Press Play NY2LA - Hailing from St Louis!  (A prior SoCal Resident!)
7/27/2010 3:07:20 PM
Sara United States
The new Press Play song you played is awesome, please keep playing them and their music!  They're exactly the style of music I like, and it's refreshing hearing that sound with an uplifting message like they have in NY2LA Smile
8/2/2010 9:53:37 PM
Alisha United States
I'm friends with Chad (The Drummer) and he says that NY2LA is his Least Favorite on the album.... Which tells me the CD is going to be Amazingly Awesome!!!!