May 31 2010
NEW Air 1 Hits...featuring LeCrae!

Check out the latest Air 1 Hits that we've added to the Air 1 Playlist:

Owl City "Tidal Wave" from the album Ocean Eyes

Mikeschair (featuring LeCrae) "Keep Changing the World" from their self-titled debut album Mikeschair

And yes, I said "featuring LeCrae"!

Enjoy the songs...and tell us which one you like best!

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Comments (21) -

6/2/2010 12:16:53 PM
Jessica United States
Owl City! Woot woot! Smile
6/2/2010 12:22:34 PM
John United States
Owl City is great!
6/2/2010 12:37:35 PM
Stefan Fledderus Netherlands
Stefan Fledderus
Just wondering, since when is Owl City christian?
6/2/2010 1:05:21 PM
Coppelia United States
Hi Stefan, Thanks for the question. Owl City (aka Adam Young) wrote a letter that talks about his relationship with Jesus. If you click on "Owl City" on the tag cloud here in this blog, you can read it.
God bless & thanks for checking out the Air 1 Music Blog!
6/2/2010 8:28:33 PM
Annie United States
I love "Keep Changing the World"! I work at a Rescue Mission and the blessings of the job are amazing, but sometimes it can be really trying. I was so encouraged to hear this song after a difficult night... it was one of those perfect-song-at-the-perfect-moment times. Thanks! Smile
6/2/2010 9:59:59 PM
Bethany United States
i agree with stefan. i dont really care what he says in any letter cuz its his lyrics that matter to me. anyone can write a letter but its unbelievers who are hearing the song, not any letter.
6/3/2010 3:30:26 AM
Stefan Fledderus Netherlands
Stefan Fledderus
Ok, thanks for the reactionSmile
6/3/2010 6:31:59 AM
Hannah United States
I love both of these songs so much!!! Oh and I love LeCrae!! Air 1 rocks! Smile
6/3/2010 12:58:52 PM
Katie United States
Wow! I LOVE both of them!!! Owl City mentions living his life for God on his MySpace page as well as the letter...
6/3/2010 7:10:55 PM
John United States
YeahAir1 is the best and LeCrae is awesome!
6/3/2010 9:56:03 PM
c United States
Tidal wave is amazing! i really like Owl city. Meteor shower might be one of his songs to consider?
6/5/2010 11:38:05 PM
ron United States
i feel add both songs to air 1 they are both amazing songs
6/8/2010 2:50:30 PM
Rachel United States
GO MIKESCHAIR!!!! way better song!
6/9/2010 10:02:58 AM
Levi United States
I really love LeCrae. It's awesome that he got featured on a song, but it would be even cooler if his own music got played too!
6/15/2010 5:26:02 PM
Britney United States
I luvvvvvv Owl City!!!!! totally amazing. Smile
6/18/2010 9:58:33 PM
Jonathan United States
YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! I'm so happy Lecrae got onto Air1 Laughing I get a huge smile every time I hear that song... Mikeschair rocks too! Next step for Lecrae: get his very own single on air1. I hear he's coming out with an album later this year Smile
6/23/2010 6:08:29 AM
Smashley United States
btw does Mikes Chair have a new album comimg out soon :/
7/9/2010 9:59:12 AM
Rashad United States
Omg when i heard LeCrae's name on Air1 i was like wahhhhhh!?!?! but i didnt get to finish the song..(ima youtube it later)But anyways ITS ABOUT TIME AIR1, LECRAE OWNS AND SPEAKS THE guys are amazing keep playing him and his music. He has 3 or 4 albums out there already PlAY HIM!! haha XD  (then later you guys can add Trip-Lee into the circle) XD
8/16/2010 1:57:00 PM
Ryan United States
I would like to chime in on the Owl City conversation that Stefan started. While he's signed on a mainstream label, Owl City has presented more than one example of his faith in his music. In Tidal Wave, the new single that Air1 picked up, he makes multiple references to his faith ["I was given grace and love, I was blind but now I can see, cuz I've found a new hope from above"]. Rugs from Me to You, while a bit of a odd song (it's about hairloss), does make some witty references to Christianity ["And by the way, I just gotta say, thank the Lord I'm not going bald, cuz if I may quip, my curls and I are just like heaven, cuz rest assured, there'll be no parting there"]. Meteor Shower was inspired by 1 Corinthians 5:17, which says "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come." And finally , Fireflies was inspired by simply being out in God's creation ( ).
Also, he states not only in his open letter to radio stations his faith in Christ, he also notes on his MySpace page that he "...follow[s] Jesus Christ wholeheartedly. He is my life, my strength, my all. "
That's a heck of a lot of effort to go to if you're faking your faith Smile
8/23/2010 6:41:58 PM
Trent United States
lecrae is the best
9/15/2010 3:37:35 PM
Eli United States