May 29 2010
Unreleased Switchfoot "Your Love is a Song"

Switchfoot has a FREE song for you, their new Air 1 Hit, "Your Love is a Song*"!

*And it's an unreleased, live version of that song!

It's free, but they'd love it if you'd help them raise money for an organization that is close to their hearts: Stand Up for Kids.

Stand Up for Kids helps protect and take care of homeless and street kids all across America.

And if you think an "auction" is out of reach...each bid is just $1!! One buck!

From Switchfoot:

"The Bidfire Auction to raise money for Stand Up For Kids started, Friday May 28th at 12pm PST.  If you participate in the auction, you will receive an unreleased live recording of "Your Love Is A Song".  The mp3 will be sent to you next Thursday, June 3rd.  Remember, you need to register for the auction, and spots in the auction are limited, so please visit and sign up to guarantee your spot.

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