May 26 2010
VIDEO: Kutless Live!

Check out Kutless talking about the story behind "Give Us Clean Hands" from their It Is Well album...and a live performance of the song!

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5/26/2010 5:58:24 PM
Bethany United States
i luv kutless and their worship cd was awesome!!!!!
5/26/2010 10:38:53 PM
Bonnie United States
ok so this has nothing to do with kutless,but I need to say it And I dont know how else to.

You guys mean sooo much to me, your music has helped me on so many levels, not only your music but the stuff on your website, THe spiritual coaches have literaly saved my life! I really love you guys!!
5/27/2010 9:15:57 AM
Coppelia United States

That is SO awesome! Praise God! I'm glad you took the time to share how the spiritual coaches have helped you. This is a good place to share your thoughts, but you can call us, too!

888-YES-AIR1 (888-937-2471)

God bless!
5/28/2010 12:12:41 PM
Amanda United States
Yeah thanks so much for all you guys do!! I'm just in love with Kutless. I saw them in concert last summer and they were amazing. They're worship music really encourages me. I love how they can rock yet still take the time to worship! Awesome job!!!
5/28/2010 7:00:32 PM
Sammy United States
this song always touches my heart and gives me chills...i love my heavenly Father sooo much!! <3
5/30/2010 10:17:45 AM
Mariah United States
I love Kutless! They did such a great job with this song!!!! Thanks Air 1 for putting it up!!! Love you guys! Smile
6/15/2010 4:31:18 PM
Ariana United States
Wow, this song is amazing. This song is so touching because it's one that my youth group sings all the time! It has special meaning for me (plus i love kutless!!)