May 07 2010
VIDEO: Creed 2010 Tour

It's awesome that Skillet's making special appearances on Creed's 2010 Tour!

Check out the tour video:

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5/10/2010 6:20:50 PM
Amy United States
yay im the first 2 comment lol!Smile ok im at it again I LOVE SKILLET AND CREED!!!!! i love 2 hear John Cooper and Scott Stapp sing! if i had to choose a favorite song from each album it would b monster by skillet n overcome by creed. i sang monster with a friend in choir it was sooo cool 2 rock the country nation! i love listenin 2 each band on my hour or so bus ride home it givs me alot o time 2 think 1 of my country lovin friends tried both but i guess it hurt her ears 2 listen 2 so much bass! one last time now SKILLET N CREED ROCK!!!!!!!
5/13/2010 6:15:23 PM
Amy United States
so do red, decyfer down, the letter black, n evry rock band out there! but if u couldnt tell
Skillet n Creed r my 2 most fav bands!;) i no im obsessive over thm but they r soooooooooooo coooooooooooool!Smile