May 06 2010
Air 1 artists' prayers

It's the National Day of Prayer let's pray!

Here's how we can be praying for some of our Air 1 artists:

Francesca Battistelli's baby-on-the-way (you may have heard her sharing this with Air 1's Sean and Mandy this morning!)

Sanctus Real's lead singer, Matt, and his baby-on-the-way, Bowen (scroll down to read more...)

Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay on his house in flooded Nashville, TN: "The mayor stopped by, and they rolled a huge pump and sucked the H2O from my house. Lots of work ahead...."

He also shared that he's "sad to go back on the road leave my wife with such a mess.thankful for our community. SO many people helping! This is what 2 Hands is about!"

Mat Kearney, also in Nashville: "My house has 3 feet of water in the basement. Seperating wet pictures. Nashville is a mess."

Pray for your favorite Air 1 artists today...and if WE can be praying for YOU, just let us know!

Click: "Need Prayer" at

Call: 888-YES-AIR1 (888-937-2471)

God bless!

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Comments (5) -

5/6/2010 2:44:07 PM
Kiara Sweden
I'm not the type to pray. Don't know how to.
5/7/2010 9:26:11 AM
Bethany United States
praying is just talking to God like u'd talk to a friend.
5/7/2010 6:04:28 PM
Kiara Sweden
What do I talk about, the Jonas brothers!
5/10/2010 3:21:48 PM
Bethany United States
you can thank Him for stuff He's done for you, you can ask Him for help with anything, you can talk to Him when ur having a hard time and He'll always be there listening
6/23/2010 6:21:05 AM
Smashley United States
She is right just find a quiet place to think and start talking to God if your lucky (aka. Listning really hard) you will hear God talking right back to you |_|