Apr 30 2010
Love on your Mom...BarlowGirl style!

Mother's Day is coming up soon...Sunday, May 9th!

Check out this sweet Mother's Day idea from BarlowGirl:


Mother’s Day is coming up in May. (Have you picked up a gift for your mom, yet?) We wanted to give you a chance to write a letter about your mom. You can address it to her, to yourself, or to us. Be creative! We love to hear from you guys. But more importantly, we wanted to give you a chance to honor your mom, or to thank her, or to tell her you love her. It’s up to you. We’ll be featuring some of these letters to mom on our homepage the week leading up to Mother’s Day. Click here to send a message to mom.

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4/30/2010 2:04:49 PM
Kiara United States
I live with my other aunt and uncle (not the german shepherd ones). I see my mom ocasionally, my dad too, but I am not that close to em'. I'm not emotionally atatched to them. They dont like me I dont like them. I just barely moved in with my aunt, its totally awesome! Like a big sis!
5/1/2010 6:32:33 PM
michael jackson kof United States
michael jackson kof
That's kind of neat.
5/3/2010 8:07:10 AM
Bethany United States
its good that ur close to them.
5/3/2010 12:35:18 PM
Kiara Sweden
Not to my parents.
5/4/2010 10:40:36 AM
Bethany United States
i know