Apr 16 2010
Switchfoot Shoes

When you go to a concert, you'll notice a mini mall magically appears! The artists set up tables and sell t-shirts and posters and stuff.

That stuff is called "merch", and, well, I've seen my share of interesting "merch".

What's the hot, new item? Switchfoot Shoes!

They worked with Macbeth to create their very own shoe: The Manchester



It even has Switchfoot graphics! Click on the shoe for more details...

I have to say that my all-time favorite merch item was a pair of Barlow Girl Boxing Gloves.


(The gloves went well with the boxing ring theme on the cover of "How Can We Be Silent".)


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Comments (11) -

4/16/2010 12:24:14 PM
Hannah United States
at a thousand foot krutch concert, they were selling masks from the ablum cover. i laughed when the guy selling them said it wasn't going well.
4/16/2010 2:00:41 PM
CraigSnedeker United States
WOW cool shoes!!!
4/17/2010 10:08:12 AM
CraigSnedeker United States
Hannah: LOL I feel bad for him, xd
4/17/2010 2:43:05 PM
Gracie United States
I luv it!!
4/17/2010 7:25:50 PM
Kiara United States
I went to a Selena Gomez concert once, but no "merch"
4/17/2010 7:29:19 PM
Kiara United States
BETHANY! You told me to tell you why twiglight is great well: 1. Its such a touching story, eapecially when Bella falls off the cliff to see him.                                                          2. TAYLOR LAUTNER
4/19/2010 8:58:54 AM
Air1Ashton United States
Hannah, that is hilarious! TFK Masks?! LOL!
4/19/2010 9:54:45 AM
Jamie Mades United States
Jamie Mades
lol...now THAT's a new item for concert merch!
4/19/2010 11:35:22 AM
Bethany United States
woo switchfoot! Laughing
4/21/2010 4:54:43 PM
Bethany United States
no. tell me why its worth watching... movies like "luther" and "lord of the rings" are worth watching...
4/23/2010 11:13:46 AM
TMF United States
What's "luther" about? Never heard of it.