Mar 09 2010
NEW VIDEO: Manic Drive "Walls"

Last time on the blog, we featured Manic Drive's video "Closer". Now it's their new one, "Walls". Check it out!

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Comments (4) -

3/13/2010 6:03:08 PM
Jessica United States
it sure is dark on that stage. the video is amazing thoughSmile
3/14/2010 12:21:37 PM
A-field United States
1 of the best songs EVER!!
5/6/2010 11:27:16 AM
analisa United States
the music video is the best and this is my favorite song in the whole world
5/21/2010 5:59:00 AM
dianna United States
man all ur songs are pretty nice. closer, blue ELEVEN REGRETS!! man and now this song walls. and the voices are so cool of course well this is a nice song WALLS