Feb 22 2010

Yeah, I'm excited about all the awesome crazy amazing & new music we're adding to the Air 1 playlist this week. Check it out!!!


All Star United “Beautiful Way” from The Good Album

Ian Eskelin of All Star United says making an ASU record means "... a lot of guitars and a lot of satire and a whole lot of fun."

Oh yeah, it's gonna be FUN!


Britt Nicole “Walk on Water” from The Lost Get Found

The new Britt song reminds me of Jordin Sparks. What do YOU think? Listen to the song and tell me in the comments section!

(Pictured: Britt Nicole's guitarrist, Britt, and Sean from the Air 1 Morning Show!)


... and a brand new Air 1 artist!

Dorothy Savage “As Long As It Takes” from Glorious Mess.


(Doesn't she kinda look like a cross between Katherine McPhee and Kristin Chenoweth??)


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Comments (2) -

2/22/2010 10:06:30 AM
Victoria United States
Oh goody! I love new music!
2/22/2010 5:38:01 PM
Sarah United States
Yaaaay!! me too!!