Feb 08 2010
VIDEO: Manic Drive "Closer"

One of the top 10 Air 1 artists this week--enjoy this Manic Drive video for "Closer"!

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2/8/2010 9:04:29 PM
Samuel Mateo, Jr. United States
Samuel Mateo, Jr.
Hi Coppe,
Though this song is awesome, this is Closer, not Walls. Smile

I don't the official walls video is not available as of yet, well I have not been able to find it. Smile
2/9/2010 10:51:26 AM
David Viado United States
David Viado
On her way to school today my daughter was listening to Walls by Manic Drive while driving through a rainbow.  
2/9/2010 11:44:13 AM
Air1Coppelia United States
LOL! Samuel, thanks for catching that!! I have "Walls" on the brain since it's the song we're playing on Air 1!! Smile
2/9/2010 8:13:52 PM
Victoria United States
I get mixed up with Remedy Drive and Manic Drive
2/13/2010 10:30:33 AM
Kimberlee United States
I think Manic Drive is the most Underrated Group in Christian Music today!! They Rock in concert like no other group ever!! I'm a Huge fan after seeing them live!! <3 <3
2/13/2010 10:38:53 AM
Kimberlee United States
Check out the video for Blue. It shows a bit more of their style. Shawn, Michael & Anthony... You guys ROCK!!!
2/13/2010 4:29:54 PM
Austin United States
Manic Drive rocks!! Best songs r Walls, Blue, and Music. Thnx 4 playing them Smile
2/14/2010 8:28:31 PM
ManicMary United States
MANIC DRIVE ROCKS!!! Fave band ever...<3 The two Cavallo brothers are sooo talented and so is Anthony Moreino, best musicians ever. God bless!
2/16/2010 7:57:15 PM
stephanie United States
Manic Drive Rocks!!!! I love the song walls.
There voices are so amazing, i can't wait to here it again!!!!  Thank you so much for playing it!!
God bless!!!