Feb 05 2010
Get a Valentine Video from Air 1 bands!

This is so cool!! Would you like a personalized Valentine video greeting from Hawk Nelson?

How about Jeremy Camp,


the guys in Seventh Day Slumber

or Run Kid Run??

Each of these artists/bands will be recording only 3 to 5 custom Valentines greetings and YOU could win one of them!

You can find out more and enter to win a personalized Valentine greeting from your favorite band!

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Comments (9) -

2/5/2010 3:00:02 PM
Alli United States
Hi coppelia! I was just wanting to tell you that you did a great job for this air1 music blog and you play the bestest music when you're on the air!lol=)
2/5/2010 7:40:46 PM
Coppelia United States
Hi Alli!! That's so sweet! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog AND the music! Smile
2/6/2010 5:31:30 AM
Sarah United States
That's so cool! I want a personalized Valentine  greeting from Hawk Nelson!!!! You're awesome Coppelia!!! Smile
2/6/2010 8:25:19 AM
Bethany United States
i agree, coppelia! ur awesome!
2/6/2010 10:51:41 AM
Jessie United States
that's so awesome!! Laughing
2/7/2010 7:14:32 AM
Bethany United States
yeah coppelia! i also wanted to tell you that we appreciate you and we love you and ur awesome! thanks so much for everything!!!
2/8/2010 4:05:40 AM
Sarah United States
Cool! I want a Valentine video greeting from Hawk Nelson!!!! Smile
2/8/2010 12:41:44 PM
Air1Coppelia United States
Awww u guys are so sweet! Smile
2/9/2010 6:32:35 PM
hannah United States
I <3 hawk nelson( in a God way)