Feb 02 2010
NEWS: Disciple band member health update

One of Disciple's band members, Micah, recently needed emergency surgery (3 surgeries, actually) and spent a week in the hospital. Here's an update from Disciple's myspace blog with more details about what we can do to help him out.

And of course, we can always pray for him!

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2/3/2010 9:06:46 AM
Bethany United States
oh poor micah!!!! he's my favorite. we'll definitely be praying for him. i so much hope he gets better!!!!!!  Frown  Frown  Frown
2/3/2010 12:40:24 PM
Judith United States
Micah is in our prayers! Please go to one of the links to help Micah out with his medical bills, every little bit helps!

2/3/2010 1:53:00 PM
CraigSnedeker United States
Man that stinks. I'll be praying for sure
2/3/2010 3:29:47 PM
Hannah United States
wow i didn't even know! get better soon micah! we're praying for you!
2/3/2010 4:23:37 PM
Victoria United States
Poor guy. What happened?
2/3/2010 6:13:09 PM
hannah United States
what happened???
2/4/2010 12:12:25 PM
Jessie United States
oh, no! i'll be praying for micah...he's my fave in the band!!
2/4/2010 2:15:23 PM
K-Night United States
don't get it. was he in a car accident maybe? hope he's well soon
2/4/2010 7:13:15 PM
TF United States
If you wanna find out what happened to Michah and how he's doing check out Disciple's MySpace Blog.
2/12/2010 7:48:07 AM
Ally United States
we hope you get micah. we'll be praying for you Smile
2/16/2010 8:19:13 AM
Allison United States
Get well soon Micah. we will be praying for you
7/5/2010 11:45:40 AM
Bobbye Levanger United States
Bobbye Levanger
oh, no! i'll be praying for micah...he's my fave in the band!!