Jan 26 2010
You in a Needtobreathe Video!

How about it? Wanna be in Needtobreathe's next video? Here's what they're looking for:

There are two types of videos you can submit:

1. Shoot what you deem to be 'something beautiful'. It can be a sunset, a newborn baby, helping someone less fortunate, or even the best burger you've ever had. This one's up to you!
2. Another option is to film a tight shot of just your face, with as little movement as possible, mouthing the words along with the song. If you do this it's important that you do it with the actual song so that we can match up the lyrics in the video.


Feel free to do one or both of these options.

Get creative with it, and we'll use some of your clips as content for our new video! This is your chance to be directly involved in our creative process, so get shooting! Submissions should be only non-copyrighted original footage, less than ONE MINUTE long and need to be submitted before February 2nd.

We almost forgot to mention one point about the 'Something Beautiful' Beautiful Video contest!

You can create videos using both still or moving pictures. For example, you could create a slideshow of photographs, shoot a series of videos or do a combination. Let your imagination run wild.

Don't forget to make sure you upload your video into the "Something Beautiful Contest" category or your submission won't count!

Have fun, and thanks for helping out!

One last thing, make sure you upload your video into the "Something Beautiful Contest" category or your submission won't count!

Click to Enter!

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Comments (4) -

1/27/2010 3:15:55 AM
Hannah United States
oh wow that's so cool!!! how long can you submit??
1/27/2010 11:20:59 AM
Air1Coppelia United States
Hey Hannah! You have until February 2nd...just a few more days!
1/27/2010 6:10:04 PM
Hannah United States
wow i need to get moving on that ! thanks coppelia!
2/3/2010 6:21:50 PM
hannah United States
how do you submit??????

i never figured out how i have an account and all but how do you do it like where do you go to do it