Jan 20 2010
Love the new Fireflight look!

Fireflight's new album "To Those Who Wait" comes out February 9th. But I couldn't wait, so i checked out this behind the scenes video, featuring their new Air 1 Hit "Desperate". I love their new look, too. :) Fireflight ROCKS!


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1/21/2010 9:47:59 AM
Bethany United States
i love fireflight! the video is SO funny!
1/22/2010 9:22:39 AM
Hannah United States
yeah that is a new look! i'm so excited for their new album! unbreakable was AMAZING!
1/25/2010 8:06:39 AM
Victoria United States
They look a lot different!
5/3/2010 11:41:50 AM
Amanda United States
I love their new look! Way better!!