Nov 11 2009
Jeremy Camp, Brandon Heath or Mary Mary? Your vote decides!

All 3 of these artists are up for an American Music Award, and you can help decide who wins "Favorite Contemporary Inspirational Artist"!

Jeremy Camp






Brandon Heath






Mary Mary




Wanna vote for your favorite? ... you have until this Friday, November 13th to cast your vote!

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Comments (27) -

11/11/2009 9:40:39 PM
Edwin Subuyuj United States
Edwin Subuyuj
Voting for Jeremy Camp
11/11/2009 9:47:50 PM
Kellen United States
Jeremy!(though Brandon is good too)
11/12/2009 5:25:08 AM
emily United States
Jeremey Camp should definelty win!!!!!!!!
11/12/2009 5:27:11 AM
darn you need an account. don't feel like signing up xd but I'd vote for Camp. Smile hard pick bewteen him and Heath though.
11/12/2009 8:02:20 AM
Victoria United States
Jeremy camp.I have never heard Mary Mary
11/12/2009 8:55:18 AM
Lisa United States
Camp!!! I love what he's doing for God in his music!!
11/12/2009 10:22:48 AM
kimberly United States
That stinks that you need to be a member... I would vote for Camp... but ur right it is a hard pick between himm and Heath!!
11/12/2009 3:59:41 PM
Hannah United States
I wanted to vote too but i don't have an account Frown well i'd def vote for brandon heath!
11/12/2009 4:46:32 PM
Kaitlyn United States
Brandon Heath definitely of those three
11/12/2009 6:12:01 PM
same here i would definatly vote for jeremy and ya i have never heard of mary mary
11/13/2009 5:42:57 AM
Angie United States
JEREMY!!!!!!!! lol Brandon is good too, but Jeremys music changed my life.
11/13/2009 10:16:03 AM
Jessie United States
definitely jeremy!! but that sucks cuz you need an acount to vote! Frown but jeremy should totally win! Smile
11/13/2009 4:48:30 PM
Victoria United States
Jeremy Camp should totally win! I wish you did not have to have an account though.Frown
11/23/2009 7:34:50 PM
Cassidy United States
I do not like either of them, But I guess I'd vote for Camp.
11/28/2009 4:19:26 PM
Sarah United States
Camp's music hepled me though a really tough time in my  life. He should soooooooo win!!! lol :-D
11/29/2009 10:10:22 AM
mirabel m
jeremy Camp cuz he is an inspiration to christian artists all over the world. I was watching gmc and saw this video about his life and he lost his 1st wife but then god just gave him the strength to carry on and now he is remarried and better
11/30/2009 4:33:39 PM
Hannah United States
haha i just realized that there are two hannahs commenting! i was like wait i don't remember writing that! haha Smile
11/30/2009 7:46:08 PM
Sammy United States
Jeremy Camp!!
i have no idea who mary mary is...
12/2/2009 6:19:59 PM
hannah United States
isn't this contest over tho???
12/3/2009 6:52:37 PM
hannah United States
ya i thought the same thing about the hannah thing i was like i just made and account how could i have commented already????
12/4/2009 8:44:35 PM
Victoria United States
Brandon Heath would be my second choice
12/8/2009 10:22:18 AM
Sarah United States
I've never heard of Mary Mary, defiantly Jeremy Camp!! Although Brandon Heath is cool too. (I'm not the same Sarah as before btw) Smile PEACE! lol
12/16/2009 9:18:18 AM
Eli United States
Mary Mary?? Jermey Camp!!! lol Hannah!!!
Brandon Heath is cool too

12/17/2009 11:24:51 AM
Diana United States
Jeremy Camp...I really love his music but brandon heath is really good too but not as good. Yah and Mary Mary gets annoying after a while Laughing
12/31/2009 7:22:43 PM
Gene United States
A toss up between Brandon Heath and Mary Mary
6/24/2010 7:21:34 AM
Smashley United States
jermy camp he rocks
6/24/2010 7:25:51 AM
Smashley United States
who is mary mary