Nov 03 2009
Meet Matt Papa

Are you enjoying all the new music this week? We're playing new Switchfoot, Flyleaf, Abandon and a whole lot more, plus we're introducing a few artists that are new to Air 1, like this guy, Matt Papa. Check out the story behind his Air 1 hit, Open Hands in this video

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11/4/2009 5:03:10 AM
emily United States
Thanks air 1 I love all the new music and I love you guys more!!!! Laughing
11/4/2009 9:01:34 AM
W00t! This guy is great =D
11/6/2009 1:42:18 PM
Stephanie Boles United States
Stephanie Boles
At YEC (youth evangalism conference) in Richmond Virginia he was playing. Matt Papa is amazing. I didn't know about him before those 2 days but now I am so glad I do. Thats where I first heard his song Open Hands and I sung along everytime he played it. Oh and did I mention that hes superrrr nice Smile I met him and everyone liked him, I hope I can met this man again it would be awesome Laughing
11/7/2009 12:26:14 PM
Melissa United States
I love this song. It's been in my head all day and I wish I could only hear more of it!!!
11/7/2009 5:03:17 PM
emily United States
i just heard his song today and it was AMAZING!!!!! Laughing ♥♥♥♥♥
11/11/2009 6:14:54 PM
i so happy that air one iz playing all the new music cuz if they werent then i wouldnt have known about matt papa
11/16/2009 6:37:40 PM
matt papa rox
11/19/2009 11:00:39 AM
LN United States
I've been a fan of Matt Papa for a few years now, and I'm super-excited to hear him on Air-1!
12/8/2009 11:33:47 AM
Molly United States
I love his song "Open Hands"!!
4/14/2010 2:53:10 PM
Kiara(me) United States