Oct 27 2009
Listen to NEW Kutless album this week!

Wanna listen to the NEW Kutless album "It Is Well" for FREE? You can all this week (thanks, New Release Tuesday!) Click on the album cover above to check it out!

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10/27/2009 6:56:47 PM
Noah United States
Can't you listen to it on MySpace for free any time? <music.myspace.com/index.cfm;

Oh, on a side note, according to LandofBrokenHearts.org the new Switchfoot album, Hello Hurricane, is supposed to debut on MySpace next Tuesday--a week early.
10/28/2009 7:24:37 AM
Bethany United States
it's so beautiful (i got it the day it came out). everyone should hear it!
10/28/2009 10:35:50 AM
Victoria United States
Thanks for the info Noah!
10/28/2009 12:13:42 PM
i like it!!!!!!!!!
10/28/2009 2:22:44 PM
It's a nice cover Laughing
10/28/2009 5:42:55 PM
Air1Coppelia United States
Thanks for the info, Noah! Actually, Switchfoot is "leaking" previews of all the new songs for the next 12 days on their updated website, www.switchfoot.com, starting today!
10/28/2009 7:35:45 PM
Noah United States
Yes, they are previewing it on Switchfoot.com over the next two weeks but I was referring to this bit of info on LandofBrokenHearts.org (A Switchfoot fansite):

"Hello Hurricane is releasing in just two weeks (though it's premiering on Myspace in one week, so that will make the wait easier for you all!)"

SOURCE: <landofbrokenhearts.org/index.php;
10/29/2009 5:22:49 PM
Hannah United States
just listened to "it is well" on new release tuesday. thought it was pretty good
10/31/2009 9:39:32 AM
emily United States
i can't wait I love kutless!!!!!
11/2/2009 10:21:07 AM
merriam United States
11/3/2009 6:20:04 AM
sarah United States
GO Kutless!!! Kep up the good work! :-D