Oct 15 2009
Help Superchic[k] pick!

Superchic[k] would love your help!

They are working on remixes for a new project (remember their Re[Generation] album?) Kinda like that.

But they don't just want to pick whatever songs they want to remix, they want you to help them pick! Send them an e-mail to mail@superchickonline.com or send Matt a Tweet @superchickmatt to tell them your favorite Superchic[k] songs!

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Comments (2) -

10/16/2009 8:49:07 AM
Victoria United States
huh cool
10/16/2009 12:52:21 PM
Hannah United States
that's neat!!! hmmm...i'm gonn have to think about this for a while. i lov superchick and i don't know what my fav song is!